Man And Van Windsor A Great Help In Packing And Relocation

Last year was a really lucky year for me. I got married, found a terrific new job, became father of a beautiful baby girl and bought my own little home sweet home. My wife and I had been together for about eight years. We always wanted to get our own home as living in rented apartments was not convenient. We wanted to gain stability in our lives and buying our house was an important step towards it. Like all the other people, the financial restrictions had kept us from attaining our dream, but after I got my new job last year, I was now in a position to purchase my own place.

It was a really proud and happy moment for both us. Our new home was located in a quiet peaceful area of Windsor. It is a beautiful small cottage that has enough space for my family. My wife was very much delighted and was constantly planning on how to decorate our new home. As for me, I was worried about the other details like shifting. I was unable to take few days off from work due to my hectic work schedule and my wife was tied up with our little daughter, but someone had to gear up and pack the stuff for shifting.

When the month end drew nearer and we still couldn’t find a way to pack our belongings, I decided to hire a professional help for the task. My wife also loved this idea. I searched on internet and found Man and Van Windsor moving service that provides packing and shifting facilities in our area. I contacted the service and booked a crew of three men for the Saturday. I hired a full force so that the packing and shifting could complete in a day. I specifically instructed that I wanted the team of service provider early in the morning, so that I could shift in my new home by the evening. The lady on call confirmed the booking.

On Saturday, I woke up at the knock on the door. To my greatest surprise, which was very pleasant too, three gentlemen from the Man and Van Windsor moving service had come at the exact time to help me pack and move. I showed them our home and shared my instructions. They assured me that all the tasks will be completed as desired and they started packing. The efficient team members of the Man and Van Windsor moving service had brought the required packing materials along with them.

I found the meticulous workers of the service provider as really quick in accomplishing their tasks. They were very careful with the fragile items and it was wonderful to watch them working with so much dedication. By the afternoon, the packing was complete and they loaded our belongings in their transport van for shifting. It was a marvelous experience and I am glad to hire this service. You should also give this service a chance.


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